Everybody Gets Leucky Fundraiser!

No, you aren’t getting Leukemia… but you ARE coming to the fundraiser I’m throwing on April 18th at Mile High Spirits in Denver!

MEMBERS OF rastasaurus, not the whole band.


My friend Anna, as you may have heard, is running the Colfax Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so we are throwing a party to raise the money! There will be live music, drink specials, a cornhole tournament, prize drawings (including some high value items donated from some great sponsors!!) and a ton of dancing and fun!

I’ll be your MC for the evening, so come and watch my chemo-ass hobble onto the stage and breathe heavily into the microphone!

The festivities begin at 3pm or so on April 18th, so come early before whatever plans you have, or come late after whatever plans you have! Thanks for your support!

And if you can’t make it, consider tossing a few bucks directly to Anna’s marathon fundraising page, all the money goes to the same place!


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